Military Transition from Overseas

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Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI) delivers dedicated resources focused on assisting our candidates with military transition from overseas. Our candidate recruiting team is all former military with many having served overseas. We understand first-hand the challenges of transitioning from outside the continental United States.

Our BMI Overseas resources are in a unique position to help you access job opportunities in the U.S. Approximately 90 days before you are scheduled to attend a ConferenceHire military hiring event you will become part of the Overseas TargetHire Interview System.



With over 4000 clients, our client base features companies such as Ford, IBM, Allied Signal, Sprint, General Electric and Motorola. They look to Bradley-Morris in search of their future leaders - some of whom are undergoing a transition from overseas. Plan to attend one of our ConferenceHire hiring events and meet our clients who are looking to fill their open positions (see schedule here).

Whether you intend to separate immediately after your overseas tour or you plan on completing a stateside tour before you begin a civilian career, let us help you begin preparing for your military transition from overseas now.

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