Military Job Seeker Interview Attire

Military job seekers should wear interview attire or interview clothes:

  • Dark-colored, single-breasted business suit for men; charcoal gray or navy blue is recommended; wool blend; trousers should match.
  • Knee-length dark-colored business suit for women; charcoal gray, navy blue or black is recommended.
  • White long sleeved shirt for men, professionally pressed with medium or heavy starch.
  • White, neat business blouse for women, conservative in appearance (not “frilly”, not low cut, etc.); a conservative bow or scarf is acceptable.
  • A conservative tie (no “loud” designs, emblems, animals, cartoon characters, etc.) for men; dark red or maroon preferred; tied so the bottom of the tie reaches the belt.
  • Polished black business shoes for men.
  • Low heeled business pumps for women (black pumps with black or gray suit, navy or black pumps with navy suit).
  • Belt matches the color of the shoes. No big belt buckles.
  • Men’s accessories should be limited to no more than a conservative watch, glasses and one ring per hand.
  • Women’s accessories should be limited to a simple pearl necklace or conservative chain; earrings, if worn, should be simple and coordinate with necklace.
  • Make sure fingernails are cleaned and trimmed. For men, facial hair should be neat and trimmed as well.
  • No heavy cologne or perfune; don't smell like smoke.