Hiring Veterans - Military Technicians

Bradley-Morris specializes in military transition job placement for military technicians. Military technicians receive top vocational training and obtain multiple hours of hands-on experience while serving. In addition, military technicians are qualified specialists and are ready to be an asset for your company.

As we assist hiring managers and recruiters with hiring veterans, Bradley-Morris prescreens each candidate prior to acceptance into our program. 100% of our candidates are high school graduates and more than 50% have their associate's degrees or higher.

You can rest assured that when using BMI in hiring veterans, all of our candidates are pre-screened, matched to your open positions, and have the necessary experience and drive to be an integral member of your organization.

Bradley-Morris provides candidates in the following areas and positions:

  • Supervision: Manufacturing and production
  • Field Service Engineers/Technicians: Installation, service, maintenance and/or repair of equipment at customer sites
  • Electrical Maintenance: Schematics/blueprints; maintenance of power and lighting; maintenance of motors/controllers; and wiring/control equipment upkeep
  • Mechanics: Boilers, rotating equipment, pneumatics, hydraulics and pumps
  • Electronics: Testing, measurement and calibration using specified diagnostic equipment; maintenance of motors and controllers
  • Telecommunications: Voice, data, wireless and satellite technicians and supervision

Whether you are pursuing a sourcing strategy of hiring veterans, or simply have a key position to fill, attend a Technician / Supervision Conference at a location that is convenient to you.

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