Military Job Seekers for Cyber and                    Information Technology Jobs


Bradley-Morris' Cyber discipline features candidates with backgrounds and skills honed on this country’s information security battlefield. BMI targets only the top performers leaving the service, and BMI matches employers to these high-value candidates via our TargetHire® process. If your company needs someone to make an immediate impact on your cyber operations, these BMI candidates will fit the bill. The majority of this demographic truly understands information protection on an enterprise and global scale and can offer strategic real-world experience.


Military Cyber Professionals - At a Glance

Image courtesy Georgia National Guard

Air Force

• Trained more than 11,000 officers and enlisted airmen in cyber-related disciplines since 2011

• Added 5,600 airmen, civilians and contractors in the past three years
• Supported by another 11,000 Reservists/National Guard


• Forty one cyber teams representing 2,000 personnel

• Created new cyber job categories

- Cyber “branch” for officers
- Cyber network defender
- Cyberspace defense technician


• Based worldwide on ships, subs, squadrons and other facilities
• Trained more than 15,000 cyber professionals

- Officers: Information warfare, information professional and intelligence communities
- Enlisted: Technicians, information and InfoSec professionals

Marine Corps and Coast Guard
Marine Corps Cyberspace Command, HQ in Quantico, directing full spectrum cyber operations
USCG Cyber Command, based in Washington, DC enabling cyber to enhance maritime operations

Image courtesy Official U.S. Navy Page

Sample civilian positions include:

• Information Security Analyst/Engineer
• Information Security Officer/Manager
• IT Project Management
• Application/Penetration Tester

• Cyber Security Engineer
• Vulnerability Management
• Forensics Analyst
• Incident Handler
• Intrusion Analyst

• Malware Analyst
• Cyber Security Consultant
• Information Assurance Analyst/Engineer
• Security Software Developer/Engineer

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